Lajoie Skin and eSSENTIAL Accessibility

LAJOIE SKIN is inclusive and is committed to making everyone feel welcomed. To help those of us who are challenged with physical disabilities, we offer a free assistive technology desktop and mobile application for you to download from eSSENTIAL Accessibility (“App”).

What is it?

The App is a suite of assistive technologies for use on desktop computers and certain mobile devices. The App features tools such as:
– Hands-free mouse
– Voice commands
– Visual click assist
– On-screen keyboard
– Text-to-speech

The App will help you access our website more easily, so that you can enjoy your stay with us.

Who is it for?

The App is primarily to assist people who have trouble typing, moving a mouse, or reading due to a variety of conditions.

The App is easy-to-use and can be activated quickly.

Click the Accessibility Icon to get started.