Is going commando a good option?

Have you ever considered giving underwear a break, YAY or NO WAY?

As the weather heats up, you may want to think about giving your skin a break.  Try going commando, on occasion.

May sound a little gross? But who said we have to wear underwear all the time anyway.

Yes, it’s  ‘the norm’! We choose  to wear underwear as a barrier between our skin, our clothing’s fabric and other environmental concerns. Wearing underwear makes us feel secure both physically and psychologically.

Other than, ‘no visible panty liner’, there are plenty of other benefits to giving underwear a break and allowing your skin to breathe.

1. Decreases the risk of developing an infection

Candida is a type of yeast, at normal levels it does not cause any problems, but if there is an overgrowth then this is responsible for yeast infections. Candida loves warm, moist and dark environments. 

If you are consuming a greater amount of simple sugars and alcoholic beverages coupled with humidity or temperature changes, then there is a greater risk of a yeast infection. A course of antibiotics mixed with stress can also do the trick, for those that are prone to infection!

Undergarments that are made from man-made fabrics do not allow your skin to breathe. In fact, undergarments that are made from natural breathable fibers, like cotton, silk, wool and bamboo are best.

Giving undies a break,  allows for natural ventilation and hence reduces the chances of bad bacteria to develop and thrive.

2. Protects against allergic reactions or sensitivities 

The vast majority of our clothing today are made from synthetic non-breathable materials. Further, material can be treated with artificial dyes and a variety of chemicals that may cause an allergic  reaction for some girls and result in contact dermatitis.

One less layer of non-breathable clothing equates to one less reason to ignite an allergic reaction.

On the subject of sensitivities … I digress!

For those that use wet wipes, please bear in mind that they have been linked to contact dermatitis, they coupled with antibacterial ingredients (triclosan) kill both good and bad bacteria.  (PLUS wet wipes and triclosan are an environmental disaster!)* 

Our vagina is a perfectly created organ which cleans itself naturally!  So no need to kill both good and bad bacteria by using wet wipes or antibacterial washes. Give her a break and let her be free .

3. Reduces chafing & rashes in delicate ‘bits & bots’ 

Underwear that is tight and made from non-breathable fabrics can result in skin chafing or rash, for those that are prone to it. Further, ill fitting underwear made from synthetic fabrics can irritate the vagina, and more specifically the labia. The skin tissue surrounding our vagina is delicate and therefore needs extra care. Chafing around delicate and thinner layers of skin can result in injury, bleeding or infections.

Calmmé antichafe and soothing cream go Commando

Giving underwear a break is an option that can be considered, as it can help reduce chafing and severity of rashes in those delicate ‘bits and bots’.

If you are then concerned about chafing from other parts of your body, like your thighs or in-between buttocks, apply some Calmmé for added protection and comfort.

Calmmé contains no perceived toxins or potential allergens and so it is safe to be used on sensitive areas and for sensitive skin. Plus the Calmmé packaging has been designed to not cross-contaminate, (transfer bad bacteria from the skin to the product and back with every use.)

When to best give it a go? 

Try going commando when you feel the most comfortable. You could start at night whilst you are asleep. Our skin and body rejuvenates as we sleep, so this is a great time to give it a go.  Or try giving underwear a break when you are wearing loose-fitting clothing, especially as the weather heats up. Glammed up and ready to head out to a party, then maybe this is the best time for you to channel your inner diva!.

Cons to going commando

As advised by Doctors, ‘going commando’ is good for you, but be aware of your surroundings.

Like everything in life, going commando also has a few precautions that need to be considered. There are certain times, that going commando will not work. Like, when wearing short skirts, tight jeans or its that time of the month.

Let common sense and your comfort levels guide you and give it a go.

Our tribe heading into the colder months, your skin could also do with a  break from artificial heating and winter clothing. For those heading into hot summer days, put on that dress, glide on your Calmmé anti-chafing cream and feel free to enjoy the skin you’re in.

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Going commando

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