How much do we really need? Sometimes less is more in beauty

In the words of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel,


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”

Sometimes, less is more and if there ever were a time to embrace this concept, it’s now. Today in the midst of a so many challenges, a shift in mindset maybe exactly what we need to survive and thrive in the long-term.

Simple joys a tendrill

Photograph credit: Rosie Leaney

Less is more in beauty

One word that dominated the year that was 2020 is “essential,”a word that will more than likely dominate this year as well.  We all had to focus on what was essential to our wellbeing and as a consequence have learnt to do more with less.

So, how many products do we really need in our skincare routine and how much product should we really use?

One things for sure, you do not need a complex skincare routine and I say this as a chemist that has worked in product development since 1990.  Keep it simple. Focus on what is essential to you.

Less is more when it comes to beauty.

  • The lesser we touch our skin, the better.
  • Reducing your worrying about skin issues, the less cortisol (stress hormone) is produced. Less cortisol equates to happier skin.
  • The less product (s) we use, the more money and time we save and the better for our natural environment.

Higher quality less quantity

When a product is of the highest quality you can use less (unless it’s sunscreen, then use more).  Higher the quality of the ingredients, the more concentrated the formula, therefore less is more. More concentrated, means that you can save by using smaller amounts.

For example, the Calmmé formula contains a minimal amount of water, it is concentrated (water in oil emulsion). Therefore you do not need to slather on copious amounts.  Calmmé is designed to cushion your skin by creating a fine barrier. So just gently spread on your Calmmé as a little goes a long way.

As consumers, making more sustainable purchase decisions also helps preserve the beauty that is present in nature. As brands, the more careful consideration we take before just launching another new product swiftly, the better for us all. Just like the brand strategy of the past, take your time and create a quality product a premium brand that will be referred to in the future, as ‘vintage.’  To think back in 1921 Coco launched with only one product, Chanel No 5, a perfume which still ranks in the top 10 globally today. 

Going back to basics

In times like these, adjusting our expectations of ourselves and those around us will help reduce our own stress. These are the times that simplifying our lives can help reduce the pressures of life’s challenges.  Going back to basics and focusing on what is essential to our wellbeing. Spending more time in nature, being mindful of the different sounds and smells of our own garden. Next time you walk pass a lavender bush, stop and enjoy its fragrance. Simple things can bring you joy, like watching the busy activities of a bee in your own garden.


Photograph credit: Rosie Leaney

Maybe experimenting with different spices in your own kitchen is your new thing to try. Or just being mindful of our breathing and how amazing our body is when it is moving. Going back to basics and appreciating the simple things in life can bring you harmony. Being present in the now.

Here’s to managing our expectations this year and being mindful that by simplifying our lives we can all benefit in the long run.
Daphne x