One product, multiple uses!

Everyone loves that one product that has a multipurpose, as it saves money, time and storage space.

We may be the scientists, but our customers are innovators too and they have discovered different uses for Calmmé.

Our tribe appreciate the value in our premium quality ingredients. Ingredients that do not include any toxins or allergens, whilst being ethically and sustainably sourced.

Therefore our customers felt confident enough to experiment. Experiment they did and then they let us know what they had discovered.

This is a snapshot of the top 5 uses of Calmmé along with some raw and real, family pics shared by our most loyal tribe, our customers.

1. Mulipurpose as it prevents & soothes – Safe to be used on broken skin

We developed Calmmé to help solve the common issue of chafing. Chafing can happen to any one of any size and at any age.

More specifically we were concerned with chafing, rashes and saddles sores that occur in those sensitive bits and bots. In fact, chafing under the breasts was the number one issue that we needed to solve once and  for all. Chafing can become a serious problem if it is left untreated or undetected (in some cases) and then an infection can easily occur.

Breast chafing before Calmmé

Chafing underneath breast: Before Calmmé

Unlike other anti-chafe solutions, Calmmé is multipurpose and is safe to be used on broken skin with no sting. No steroids, no talcum powders, no essential oils, no fragrances, no parabens, no palm oil and definitely no aluminium chlorohydrate!

Chafing Before Calmmé antichafe cream

Severe chafing behind neck. Chloe is a triathlete and a pharmacist. Before Calmmé

A cream for warriors that is strong enough to protect our sensitive skin against serious chafing.  For 3.5 years athletes had tested Calmmé in challenging conditions both on land and in the sea, to make sure that it did exactly what it was meant to do.

2. Eczema relief – No allergens & no toxins

Who would of thought that a cream developed initially for chafing, would be loved by so many desperate mothers and their children. Watching anyone suffer from eczema is very upsetting, but to watch a young child suffer is heart breaking.

The following are photographs supplied by mother’s who have used Calmmé to help relieve their children’s eczema and protect their compromised barrier from the elements.

Eczema before

Before Calmmé

Eczema relief with Calmmé

After Calmmé

We have to hand it to them, these mum’s were certainly incredible in finding quite a significant multipurpose use for Calmmé.

The cream that mum uses in her Roller Derby, is the same cream her son uses in his

“Life long battle with eczema.” As quoted by Kylie.

Before Calmmé eczema

Before Calmmé

After Calmmé applied to eczema

After Calmmé

3. Dry or chapped skin – Silky and soothing 

Everyone enjoys the luscious feeling of wearing silk and Calmmé feels like wearing a silky, soothing body stocking.  Those customers with extra dry or chapped skin, especially the little ones love it too.

Calmmé contains no allergens and so it does not sting or burn excessively dry skin.

Apply a little bit of cream, as it goes a long way, leaving a soothing barrier that locks in your skin’s own moisture.  The cream gently glides onto your skin and this will not disrupt already sensitive skin.

Strong enough to do its job to protect you, but gentle enough for you to forget that it’s even there.

4. Bed sores and skin tears – Long lasting barrier

Let’s not forget our seniors, as they are enjoying the benefits of a cream that helps prevent bed sores and skin tears.  A long lasting barrier is formed which means that there is less need to reapply and therefore less disruption to their lives.

Those that are active wheel chair uses have found comfort in the silky barrier too and this is especially heart warming for us.

5. Make up primer – Value for money

Some creative makeup artist’s discovered that Calmmé makes a ‘value for money’  primer.  Susan from All that Pretty Stuff, uses Calmmé as a primer when applying makeup to teenage girl’s textured skin. Susan’s video  tutorial ‘how to apply makeup to acne prone skin‘, is a must watch.

Have you discovered any beauty hacks with your multipurpose Calmmé cream? Would love to hear back from you.

Enjoy the skin you’re in.


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