SELF MAGAZINE Calmmé anti-chafe cream a ‘Must-Have’

SELF Magazine lists Calmmé anti-chafe cream as a ‘must-have’ item

Exciting times ahead .. we made it into SELF MAGAZINE!

’15 Fitness Must-Haves that plus size athletes swear by’, Calmmé anti-chafe and soothing cream of course!

Calmmé was highlighted as number two on that list, just after Hoka runners. Yepee!

Pretty awesome to see our Aussie researched, developed and manufactured Calmmé cream in the hands of our sisters internationally.

Above all, I love the fact that it’s an article all about health and fitness, a subject that I personally am passionate about.

(Cue Happy dance.. )

Read the article in the link below.

A special thank you to Louise Green for the write up. Louise continues to inspire so many women internationally in helping them reach their fitness goals.


headshot of louise green


Athletic potential regardless

Everybody can realise their athletic potential regardless of their size or their age. The most difficult decision to make, is the one of commitment. Commit to a plan that requires the discipline and drive to achieve your goals. This is where trainers, like Louise Green can help provide the necessary tools and skills for your goals to be realised.

In short, making fitness your goal is important in helping maintain good mental and physical health.


Get out there and play.

Enjoy the skin you’re in.