It’s a Woman’s Day

As a female founder, an Australian scientist who is passionate about anything STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and Maths) and as a mother, I reflect back on the Calmmé antichafe cream journey.

It is now six months since Calmmé anti-chafe cream was manufactured in Sydney and launched on line. Within one week we were awarded with pharmacy presence.  Our hard work  and dedication to create an authentic and true product was appreciated by those in the know.

The Australian Woman’s Day

It was very exciting to be placed in the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of the Woman’s Day.  Especially exciting since all the media attention thus far, has been unsponsored.



International Sales of Calmmé

April 2018 also marked our first sales of Calmmé to Germany, Finland, Spain and the USA.  Throughout historically, Germany has been highly  respected in the field of STEM. Hence our excitement to receive orders from the Germany.

It is truly amazing what one can achieve by sticking to the core values of integrity and authenticity in both product development and marketing.

Where others are using automation and software programs to rapidly grow there followers and likes on social media, we at LAJOIE SKIN prefer to take the organic approach. Number of followers or likes on social media is a ‘vanity metric’. It may look impressive, but it is not so impressive when the account is either buying their followers or likes or using some other type of automation to grow their following.

Our aim is to continue to build true long-lasting relationships with everyone that we encounter.


Enjoy the skin you’re in.