Why LAJOIE SKIN launched with only one product Calmmé

Calmmé antichafing cream

Why LAJOIE SKIN launched with only one product, Calmmé?

We look to one highly successful and revolutionary founder, Gabrielle Chanel.

In the footsteps of heritage brands …

Gabrielle Chanel launched only one fragrance in 1921 and that was what is considered today the iconic and legendary, Chanel No 5.

Today, Chanel No 5 is still classified in the top 3 of bestselling fragrances, internationally.

One bottle of Chanel No 5  is sold every 30 secounds

A former perfumer to the Tsars, Earnest Beaux,  created Chanel No 5.

Beaux ventured out out his comfort zone and added aldehyde, an ingredient that had never been used before  in perfumery. Aldehydes are synthetic ingredients that help enhance the other fragrance notes,  so that they too, can sparkle.

The result, was the creation of a revolutionary perfume.  The perfume was named No 5,  as it was the fifth scent that was presented to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Chanel was a trail blazer and amongst other ‘firsts’, she was the first designer to have a fragrance named after her.

Today, designers have countless number of fragrances named after them. Consequently, fragrance sales have become a very profitable part of a designer’s business.

As a result, designer perfumes offer a low entry price point for the consumer.  Perfumes allow someone with an average budget the ability to have a touch of ‘designer’ in their wardrobe.  But not all designer perfumes have or in fact will, withstand the test of time, like Chanel No 5.

Calmmé a revolutionary anti-chafe cream

Inspired by the likes of  giants like CHANEL No 5, Calmmé is a revolutionary product. There is nothing quite like Calmmé anti-chafe cream, internationally.

Unlike many products that flood the market today, Calmmé has been in research and development for over 3.5 years.

After all, our planet does not need another product that promises the world, but in fact does not work.

Our goal was to create a product that was unlike anything else.  We needed to ensure that Calmmé did exactly what it claimed to do.   Product performance without ever deviating from LAJOIE SKIN’s core ‘vintage’ values.

So, what are LAJOIE SKIN’s core ‘vintage’ values?

Respect. Integrity. Authenticity. Self worth. Sustainability.

Therefore, in order to adhere to our values, we needed to ensure that we launched with one revolutionary product.  Calmmé a product that future generations will talk about.

Meanwhile, we are working behind the scenes developing future products.  Products that present solutions to ‘real’ skin issues. 

Follow our journey.

Until then,

Enjoy the skin you’re in.