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No matter what your life stage or whatever your sets of challenges are, you have the power to choose how you feel. We are all challenged in some way.  There is not one person on this planet that can say that they have gotten away without feeling some type of stress or negativity at some point in their lives.

But the ultimate power lies within you. You have the power to choose how you feel, you have the power to choose joy.

Joy – Joie

The word JOY is especially prominent at this time of the year, leading up to Christmas and the festive season. JOY is also a word that is comforting, a word that makes you feel safe.  Hence why the word JOY was chosen to be incorporated into our company name. JOY is translated in French as JOIE.

LA JOIE (pronounced La-ZHWAH) are the french words for THE JOY.  Like ..  La Joie de Vie, meaning the joy of life!

What has joy got to do with skincare?

Skin being the largest organ in the body, means that at some point in our lives, we will no doubt experience some type of skin related issue. Dealing with skin related issues can be difficult enough.  Therefore, even more reason not to use scare mongering tactics to try and sell products, to what is an already vulnerable person.

Hence, why we encourage you to embrace the skin condition that is now and this will help reduce your stress levels. Once stress levels are reduced, our skin has the chance to heal itself, naturally.

Be mindful and grateful for those things in our lives that are good.  Try to include joy into your life all year round.

Reflect on how children play and then choose joy.

Enjoy the skin you’re in


LAJOIE SKIN enjoy the skin you're in


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