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Cammé antichafe runners

Women’s running magazine – chafing prevention for runners

Calmmé is the ultimate in chafing prevention for runners. So good in fact, that Women’s running magazine in the United Kingdom have proactively promoted our Calmmé. Calmmé was featured in the December edition 2018. A pretty awesome way to end a year of hard work and therefore a lot of wins.





Calmme chafing prevention

Imagine running with a bad rash? A rash that could turn pretty ugly,  pretty fast? Ugly meaning it could get infected and once an infection sets in there goes your running program.


Consequently, prevention is key. Stop the chafe in its track. Just like stopping any other injury that may prevent you from your running commitments.



Our customers love our Calmmé chafing prevention.

Do the right thing and your customers will tell your story.

Do the right thing and editors will happily promote you.

Being authentic and not afraid of hard work will always help you succeed, no matter what.


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