Proudly Australian made

Calmmé anti-chafe cream proudly Australian made.

Manufacturing in Australia is a big deal!

The majority of companies have closed their manufacturing facilities and moved off shore. As a chemist and someone who has worked in product development forever, each time we lose manufacturing, a little of bit of my heart goes with it.

Four months ago today, Calmmé was manufactured in Sydney.

Both myself Daphne Kapetas, the founder of LAJOIE SKIN and one of the most respected and experienced formulators, Ray Townsend where onsite to supervise the first production run.

Determination to achieve

I still get quite emotional to see what determination and drive can achieve. To take a concept and to convert it into marketable product is very exciting and rewarding.  Product development, like most things that are worthwhile, is not easy. To develop a product that serves a specific need, without compromising on quality and integrity is also hard.

Sourcing pharmaceutical grade ingredients is challenging, especially in a relatively small market, like Australia. Sourcing alternatives to ingredients such as palm oil or palm oil derivatives, was particularly difficult.

Many companies sneakily hide their ‘questionable’ ingredients by using ingredient names that appear to be ok. For example,  the stearic acid that is used in our formulae was derived from coconut oil.  Unlike our ingredients, there are stearic acids that are derived from palm oil.  A consumer would not be able to determine the source of the stearic acid by just reading the ingredients list.

Sustainability is very important to me and so I refuse to use ingredients that destroy the habitat of the orangutan or hurt anyone in the process. All the ingredients that we use have been sustainably sourced. We have not tested on animals. We have tested on human beings and in fact aggressively tested on athletes.

Calmmé is proudly Australian.  Calmmé is the result of  years of experience from the ‘best of the best’ Australians.