NEW IDEA MAGAZINE: Chafing and rashes

New Idea Calmmé rash prevention

Chafing can be embarrassing for some ..

The dreaded chafe and skin rashes are not a topic that most people want to openly chat about. So when the Australian New Idea wanted to have a chat about these ’embarrassing’ skin issues, I was super excited.

Yes, excited! Excited to opening discuss those little things that can turn into big issues. Why should we shy away from our skin issues? Everyone has some type of issue that they need to deal with. The only way to find a solution is to have a conversation.

Social media an open conversation

For years I had watched my mother suffer helplessly from chafing under her breasts. Working internationally, in the pharmaceutical and CFT (cosmetic, fragrances and toiletries) industry, I could not find a solution for my mother.

It was not until I stumbled across people’s suffering on twitter. Yes, thanks to twitter and the hashtags #Chafing and #Chubub. I then understood the extent of the problem with chafe and rash prone skin.  The fact that nothing much was working to help these sufferers and especially my own mother, inspired me to create Calmmé.

New Idea Magazine

Here is a snippet of my interview with the Australian New Idea Magazine.


New Idea Calmmé chafe prevention


Chafing prevention and Calmmé

Calmmé designed to help you enjoy the skin y0u’re in.


Pretty awesome to appear in the New Idea Magazine again … not sponsored.


Enjoy the skin you’re in.  x