Body Lovin Pool Party a body positive event

Body positive supported by Calmmé anti-chafe cream


Body Positivity emphasis on the word positive

Australia’s first every body positive pool party was held in Brisbane last month. We were the proud sponsors of this, all women event and we had a blast! 

There was so much love flowing at this CURVYAU event.


We ate,  chatted for a while and laughed a lot.

Old friends come together and new friends were made. On the outside we may have all ‘looked’ different, but we were all the same. We were all there for the right reasons and therefore we all were comfortable in our own skin. There was no pretence, no toxicity and no judgment. What you did see was a group of women encouraging and supporting each other.





Body positive and LAJOIE SKIN





There was a catwalk with stylish fashion on show and then we hit the dance floor.



For those that know me, know that I do not love anything more than dance. Therefore, I was in my element. Songs that I danced to in my teenage years, were now being danced by women so much younger than me and I was euphoric.

Women of different ages, colour, size and shape came together to celebrate each other.  To be truly body positive, you must be inclusive and this event walked the talk.  It is amazing what one can achieve when they are surrounded by loving and nurturing good humans.

Each guest received a full sized tube of Calmmé chafingThe Product prevention. Chafing is common and can happen to any one of any size. Chafe prone skin is sensitive skin. Eczema prone skin is also prone to getting chafing or some type of rash.

body positive supported by Calmmé anti-chafe cream


Make joy contagious

Laughter and joy is contagious and we would like anyone that comes in contact with LAJOIE SKIN to feel joy. We all are challenged in some way and at some point in time, chafing, rash, eczema, acne or may be something else may cause us grief.  At those stressful times, LAJOIE SKIN is here for you.

LAJOIE SKIN is an all inclusive brand. As long as you have skin, are a ‘good human’ with vintage values then we support you. Looking forward to more CURVYAU events, as these girls sure know how to enjoy themselves.


Enjoy the skin you’re in.