Calmmé anti-chafe cream has a cult following

Calmmé a chafing cream labelled as cult skincare

Imagine Calmmé, a chafing cream, with a ‘cult’ following. Our customers rave about our chafing cream. Our customers who have become an extension of our brand have turned a chafing cream into a bit of a celebrity.

Mia Freedman said so …

In the words of Mia Freedman, a woman who was the youngest editor of the Cosmopolitan and now founder of Mamamia (An Australian women’s website) and LadyStartups  –

“Calmmé a chafe cream has “rave reviews’ and a cult following.”

Cult in the good sense of the word. Cult that is ‘good humans’, humans that do good in our world

Calmmé chafe cream continues to receive rave reviews and what makes this even more special is that they are not paid for!

Organic growth

Some explode onto the scene in a huge way and others intend to grow authentically and organically. To be able to stick to a long term vision, a product and brand must not fall into the trap of those that thirst for quick results and especially results that are based on false promises. The truth prevails in the long run and the result is that people love what you do and what you stand for.


The following is a clip from the Instagram Story of LADYSTARTUPS on Sunday 26th, 2019.

Thank you Mia Freedman for the unsponsored plug. Let’s check out  and see what cult skincare is in her bag of goodies.