Calmmé anti-chafing by the sea


Calmmé tested in harsh conditions

The anti-chafing cream, Calmmé was tested in strenuous Australian conditions and created for every day use. Calmmé by the sea helps prevent chafing and sweat rash that can ruin what can be a sensational summer’s day. Calmmé helps prevent and soothe chafing that can occur when you are enjoying your favourite water sports or water based activities.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts tested Calmmé over a period of 3.5 years. Surf boat rowers and kayakers have tested Calmmé on sensitive parts of their bodies.  Chafing can not only be uncomfortable, it can cause the skin to break which can lead to infections. Skin infections are quite dangerous and have been know to cause deaths in senior citizens that have experienced untreated chafing from under their breasts.

Product reviews

Athletes were more than happy to give Calmmé a go, in order to prevent their skin from chafing.  Athletes and exercise enthusiasts volunteered their bodies and they  provided unpaid, nor sponsored or gifted reviews. We are most proud of our product reviews, especially since they are authentic and written by real people in real life situations. Our product reviews continue to flow into our social media sites and we are grateful that people have taken the time in their busy days to either write to us or to post proactively on their own social media sites.

Enjoy the skin you’re in.