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Makeup bag filled with various items, including brushes and Calmmé anti-chafe and soothing cream.

5 Skincare hacks with Calmmé multipurpose

One product and 5 skincare hacks. Everyone loves that one product that has a multipurpose. It not only saves time, it saves money and storage space.
Calmme chafing prevention
cosmetic chemists 80 years

Proudly Australian made

Calmmé anti-chafe cream proudly Australian made. Manufacturing in Australia is a big deal! The majority of companies have closed their manufacturing facilities and moved off shore. As a chemist and someone who has worked in product development…
Anti-chafing Calmme

Calmmé anti-chafing by the sea

https://youtu.be/OTwB9rPCrM8   Calmmé tested in harsh conditions The anti-chafing cream, Calmmé was tested in strenuous Australian conditions and created for every day use. Calmmé by the sea helps prevent chafing and sweat rash…
Anti friction cream athletes

Joy is contagious. How to maintain happiness!

  It's the second day of the new year and some of us have gone back to 'life and back to 'reality.'  The JOY before the festive break may have gone. It would be unrealistic to think that a new year will not bring some challenges…